Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) will be published in May 2013. The 19-year period between the introduction of DSM-IV in 1994 and the release of DSM-5 may prove to be the most scientifically productive era in the history of psychiatry. Researchers have generated a wealth of knowledge about the prevalence and distribution of mental disorders worldwide, the physiology of the brain, and the lifelong influences of genes and environment on a person’s health and behavior. Moreover, the introduction of scientific technologies ranging from brain imaging tools to sophisticated new methods for mathematically analyzing research data has greatly enriched the potential for significant enhancements of DSM-5 over previous editions of the manual.

Ce à quoi, laconiques, certains répondent:

On naît tous fous, quelques uns le demeurent.

Samuel Beckett

Quand on parle d’un fossé…


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